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Printing Types

Offset Iitho printing
This form of printing is the best quality and is the most cost effective for printing higher volumes.

The process relies on mixing oil-based inks with water onto metal plates that transfer the print onto paper via rollers. You can Iitho print in full colour, or individual spot colours.

Full colour printing
For high quality printing we have 4 and 5 colour-offset presses that print in full colour using a four colour ink process, CMYK. CMYK stands for Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow and Black. These are used to create all the colours used in full colour printing. We can machine seal, or offer a coating in-line which gives an effect very similar to lamination but for a fraction of the cost. This coupled with the extended drying units means we can turn around work to meet deadlines unimaginable a few years ago.

Spot colour printing
Spot colours are used most frequently for one and two colour jobs and when an exact colour needs to be matched. Logos are perfect examples for spot colours. The Pantone PMS colour matching system is most frequently used for the selection and printing of spot colours. If your document needs an exact colour you can tell us your chosen Pantone PMS choice, don’t worry if you don’t know this as we can also colour match from a sample you provide.

Colour digital printing
This is the term for printing digitally through a device that uses toner and heat to print the document onto paper. It offers a much higher quality than colour copying but not as good as Iitho. This type of printing process doesn’t need printing plates and ink. This means that it can be faster and cheaper than offset Iitho printing, but more expensive than simple colour copying. Ideal for short full colour print runs that are time critical.