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About us

about printing company in Durban ONE STOP PRINT is not new to the industry. With a combined experience of forty years we believed we have achieved customer needs to perfection. Each customer is treated as royalty irrespective of their needs. Our aim is to take the hassle and mystery out of printing. As a result, you the customer only need to know the details of what you want to have printed. The design, layout and advice is provided by our highly experienced team at no charge. Of course, if you have existing designs and do not have your artwork we will re-do it for you at no charge as well. Furthermore, we provide our one-on-one art service where you the customer, can sit with one of our designers while they do your artwork. Experienced Ad Agency service at no cost [full stop] In a crisis, ONE STOP PRINT is the leader in same day service and 24-hour service.

If we can’t help you…. it’s unlikely anyone can.

Company Vision; Why?

Most people and business’s market there companies or them self’s to you by telling you what they do and how they do it. At ONE STOP PRINT we believe in the WHY. Why are we in business, and what is our goal. The answer is simple, we at ONE STOP PRINT believe that our clients should not have to wait long periods of time for their print needs. This simple philosophy of knowing why we do what we do is what motivates our team to get up every morning and come to work assuring the highest customer service and quickest turnaround time possible.

Go Green / Environmentally Friendly. It won’t cost you more!

The first thing you will need is a kick ass design as we don’t rely on stock designs or photo’s, but rather give you our client the Ad agency experience. Our highly trained and gifted graphic designers will custom design any item for you from scratch. If you have an existing artwork or design, no problem, all we need is one of your old prints to reproduce your artwork and make the changed you require at no charge at all.

Our prints are generally digitally printed on one of our state of the art graphics art printers, Xerox, Canon, HP Indigo or Xerox Igen. Printing your cards in this manner not only ensures each and every card is perfect with no colour variation but also allows us to offer you our trade marked same day service.

Green our commitment to our Environment:

Prints can often be printed on Gloss or Matt, an industry standard. We use a triple green coated paper which is cost effective even though these papers may be more expensive, we do not carry the cost over to you and more importantly this allows you to have the “Green Logo on your print – Green not in colour, but with it being a triple green paper this means it is acid free and environmentally friendly. Our printing machines are also as green as they come with low power usage and solid ink technology, which means we use less than 90% of Electricity without having to dump polluted chemicals and toners.